My first attempt at this thing called love…

So it is now 2017 and I was cleaning out my room and I came across this bright red paper. It had been some years since I wrote on that paper and it was a reminder that I never gave the person who it was intended. If I could remember clearly I was about 16 years of age.

I close my eyes but yet I can see you.

Hot, flustered, nervous and aroused  I can see see you clear as day.

I want your caress.

It is long, gently and slowly intentional.

Our hands, our feelings – unrestrained.

A never-ending and allowed touch only meant for us.

I have waited long enough and I want you to say yes; yes to everything.

Tonight I yearn for you even more as I wait.

Eventual until you probe and prod; prod and probe.

I want to feel you from my inside; that feeling of what others tell me is pure stimulated ecstasy – overwhelming.

Our voices would be low for only us to hear. Low, sensual exaltation emitted from separated lips.  

Let our bodies be one in embraced copulating compromise.

This unrelenting feeling for you is most definitely strong.

Rhythmic movement.

Heated quivering.

Pulsating openness you have filled.

Until that rush ; that rush of hot,warm release is found.

Shhhhhhhhhh, there is nothing but silence.

The suppressed longing finally unleashed. 

Satisfaction that I am yours is obvious.

From your neck to my chin.

On your thigh to my back.

From your brow to lips,  I would forever be yours.


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